Video for Oakland North.

"Tatiana crouched in the corner of the animal visiting room and looked out the window with her large green eyes. Dawn Pieper, an Oakland Animal Services (OAS) Cat Mentor, patted Tatiana’s soft Calico fur as she mewed. Pieper then picked up Trina, a grey cat with a head tilt and a clipped tail, and set her on her lap.

These cats are two of many new residents at OAS who came to the shelter because their owner could no longer afford to take care of them.

“Normally, animals are surrendered by their guardians,” Pieper said as she scratched Trina behind her ears, “but in their case they were surrendered by a property manager of an apartment because their guardian was evicted. He left the cats behind, so the property manager brought them in.”

OAS is an open admission shelter that takes in all animals brought in by the public or an animal control officer. “We’ve seen a significant uptake in the number of owner surrenders,” said Rebecca Katz, director of the shelter. “Gentrification has been good for Oakland’s economy, but there are people who are impacted by it negatively and there are people losing their homes.”"